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Limited Art Series



Mike “AEMKA” Knobel is an all-round artist based in Zürich, Switzerland. His work covers a wide range of media such as online/offline graphics, corporate design, print design (magazine & catalog layouts; poster, flyer & packaging design), fine arts, interior & exterior design, streetwear & outerwear design, animation, video & music production.

AEMKA's illustrations are well described as a symphony of flowing lines, shapes and patterns where everything has its exact place and an intense rate of detail. This manner derives from his early love for black markers in all shapes and sizes, and how the black ink hit the white paper every time he drew the first line.


Instagram: @aemka


We chose to work with him as he's Swiss, amazing snowboarder and we share the same passion on shredding powder and big jumps. Last year he did the Six Carro x Hä? and this season he worked on a hand painted limited board. 



Lucas is a skilled artist and the founder of THE LB PROJECT.
Instagram: @lucas_beaufort


On unique handpainted by the enigmatic artist, Lucas Beaufort.

Now, thanks also to the signature series, we got the chance to work with him again. He did a crazy design on his SIG 15.
We're also very proud to have a such committed artist featured in our 17-18 line!




Instagram: @akaschwartz

We are more then stoke to present our first Limited Art Board designed by the great AkaSchwartz!

Oh, and this year’s Six Carro has been designed by him

See more of his amazing work on and snowboard media across the globe.