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We Ride in Iran



The «We Ride In Iran» project was conceived to help the development of the boardsports culture in Iran.

Back in 2013, a crazy road trip lead two young riders from Switzerland across the Balkans and Turkey to Tehran. An hour's drive north from the smoggy metropolis, in the breathtaking heights of the Alborz mountain range, they found Dizin, a remote rusty alpine resort reminiscent of a forgotten past.

Arnaud Cottet and Benoît Goncerut were met there with an unexpected welcome: a thriving snowboarding scene lead by a passionate community of riders. It was the beginning of a long and lasting friendship, prompting countless back and forth flights from Geneva to the Iranian capital. A vision was conceived: a project with the purpose to open the world's eyes to the riches of the country’s unexplored and well preserved valleys. A concept for the support of the growth of boardsports in Iran.

Numerous short films, public newscasts and documentaries have sprung from such a fruitful human experience.

And now, we are more than happy to present you with a special design on our Hache LTD to celebrate the strong ties of friendship, signifying the awesome success of a mad adventure!



details & spec sheet We ride in iran

- tip to tail poplar
- beech woodcore
- 90° bi-ax fiberglass
- tip to tail carbon stringers
- 2mm premium steel edges
- IS7200 p
- tex base
- glass top sheet



 LA HACHE - All Mountain

LA HACHE - All Mountain